Importance of Infographics and Tools to make Infographics

Basically, I come here to convince you that Infographics are necessary element in your life (which they are, believe me).

Although sure you already know, one Infographics is a way to show and outline information through pictures or graphics and with little text.

Importance of Infographics:

Who has not ever entered a blog and has only read the part that interested him? The infographics help us to display a summary of the main ideas of a subject and therefore helps the reader to quickly find what you are looking for.
In this way, it is quite likely that we capture the reader with the image and are encouraged to read the rest of the article.
In fact, if we position ourselves well in Google Images with our infographic , chances are you have readers who come to our blog through it.
It is for this reason that there put my first point you start to ask yourself the include infographics in your life:

1-They help the SEO positioning:

We must also add that it is much easier to share with the world an image that a text of 1000 words. And this necessarily leads to the second point: It helps to explain about your website design & products.

2- Infographics are viral:

This point obviously reinforces the former.

The infographics provides an added value to our post. They are a way to bring out your creativity (yes, you too have!) And you can get to conquer the world with her. 

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3- Make your content more attractive.

Speaking of value, creativity and attractive, these are factors that will certainly help to a more positive perception of your company. Apart from that it is much easier to recognize a brand with an image (see CocaCola, Apple . and a thousand more examples)

4- Reinforce the image of your brand.

And is that the images are processed 60,000 times faster than text and that is why theinfographics are a common element so powerful.
And not only that, but in addition they are processed faster than you can blink, the Most people remember much more easily than a text image.
How many times have the happy phrase ” A picture is worth a thousand words “?
We added another plus of infographics :

5- They are easier to remember.

And for those who think, ” Yeah, sure … But it sure is not as easy for me to make charts, diagrams or … ”
If you think so, let me inform you that you are totally wrong:

6- The infographics are easy to make.

Why I dare affirm you so completely that?
Because we live in the age of technology and growth and what has not been invented and rare is …
There are many online platforms that let you quickly and easily make interesting infographics for you and your readers. Here I leave a few examples:

1. Connects to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks and builds an infographic with our activity in them. It’s a good way to make a letter of ourselves and is super useful for Twitterers and bloggers.

2. One way to make a more attractive curriculum. You can connect to your LinkedIn and extract data from it.

3. PiktoChart: Liven up your data and information on this platform! You can customize the font, add images where you want … Plus it lets you share them on social networks. I’ve tried and quite recommended.

4. infographics also allows you to easily and comfortably. On their website they have a video of how and looks great.

I think I have given enough reasons for you to wear to make infographics to already. And of course, in this article I included a mine infographic
What are you waiting for?


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